Product Highlights

Great for Cords & Hoses

The Original TidyTight Garage Was Designed for Storing Extension Cords, Hoses and Christmas Lights. Say Goodbye to Cords Laying on the Ground in a Pile, Keep them Hanging on a Wall, Tidy and Tight.

Hanging Design

Our TidyTight Garage Series of Products Have a Convenient Hanging Design for Storage in Limited Floor Space Areas, Such as Garages and Closets.

Easy to Use

Loading Extension Cords onto TightTight is Easy, Unclip the Loop Straps, Slide The Loop Strap Throught the Extension Cord, Reclip and Pull Tight.

Built Tough in U.S.A.

TidyTight Garage is Proudly Built in The U.S.A. Our U.S. Production Allows for Consistent Quality, Customization and Innovation. Need a Modified Version, We Can Do It.

Purchasing Options
  • Tidy Tight Garage
  • Holds common items like cords and hoses in one convenient location
  • Can be hung vertically in the garage, house or shed
  • Minimizes the need for shelf or floor space
  • 5 Sewn-On Easy Adjust Storage Loops
  • $24.99 Per Each

  • Or purchase from your favorite online store
How It Works

Hang Tidy Tight

  • Find an open area on a wall for the TidyTight.
  • Choose an anchor: Screw, Nail or Hook, that will handle the weight of the TidyTight and cords.
  • Install the anchor in the wall, preferrably in a wall stud, for the most support.
  • Hang the TidyTight.
  • Unclip And Load

  • For easiest loading, start with the lowest storage loop strap.
  • Unclip the Storage Strap By Pressing on both sides of the buckle until the male and female sides disconnect.
  • Load the Cord onto the Loop Strap.
  • Clip & Tighten

  • Clip the Buckle together by inserting the male clip in the female clip.
  • Tighten the strap by Pulling the Sewn-Tab on the End of the Loop Strap.
  • To secure all your cords, Repeat Using The Additional Storage Loops on the TidyTight.
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